Tangan Makan Batu

Keep rolling

16.09.12 Bukit Saga. Around 10am,  keep rolling with much of pain.
18.09.12 Operation  ward 1130am, wide landing, one injection, wearing face mask.
Sleep, wake 

Here we come RedKumbang !!!

Please ask before you copy. Ethical ways.

Its All About Computer

Project Title : 10 Commandments Of Computer Ethics
Duration : 12 mins 39 secs
Starring : Amir, Hafiz, Haqiman, Sharan and Syuaib

Synopsis: The short film its all about computer ethics scenarios. where the TEN commandments should be followed. Ai ai sir!.

Shooting time was in the lovely friday evening. The shooting was ended around 1900H. So, you guys , hold them up! . We're going to make airborne mission on a height of thousand feets above sea level.

A Week with A Lion Troop

Almost a week stay away from fibrous world.
like always, posted their name.
Hasnain, Mun, Aziz, Husin, P. Rahmat, P. Mad, A. Rahman, Masrur, Supian, Herman, A.Razak
Their nerve of steel, soul of platinum"
Learn from them

Last Annual Cadet AeaRR!!

prep almost ok.
suitmose champion in volley ball, 2nd net ball, 2nd and 3rd shooting plate.
shooting skill increase..
for target board - 106 points
for shooting plate -  only one

more experience gain.
building sector and maintain it.
5 injection at one time.
we made it!

Black Crow psycho. 

New Remedy

Alhamdulillah i got found this remedy..
now time to take action... You Can Do It Son!!.
start from 9/11/11 to until the date success.


its not a proud, its all about one new chapter has begun that i will be ask in the hereafter life.
So, do your best and practice all sunnah in daily life.